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Practical support for business re-engineering.

Founded in 2017, Borrum Partners is a London based Management Consultancy & Strategic Investor. We provide services and support in the areas of strategy consulting, leadership development, business re-engineering and restructuring, and we invest in suitable businesses.

Supporting existing teams.

Reorganising organisations.

Investing in strong businesses.

about us

“We bridge strategy development and executive rigour with our passion for doing. Put simply our job is to make change happen."

Leo McKee

Consultancy and Leadership Development

We believe that the best solutions are ones that come from within an organisation and its leadership group. Our role is often to help existing teams identify and implement these solutions – through advice, analysis or personal guidance. As we come from leadership roles ourselves, we often will have experienced similar challenges to the ones which our clients are facing.

We can guidance, challenge and reassurance on dealing with them.

Restructuring and Operational Assistance

Sometimes good businesses need to make rapid changes in order to inject momentum. We ourselves have had practical experience of dealing with such situations. We understand the detail of what needs to be done and can be active partners in applying change and restructuring processes.


At times, we see opportunities to continue our relationship with a business beyond an initial engagement period. In these cases, we are able to take an ownership or strategic investment position so that insight and support can continue the job of delivering business momentum.

We do not have an investment committee or house rules so we are empowered to look at every opportunity that comes our way and judge it on its merits – irrespective of sector, size or situation.

Our Philosophy

We seek to listen to our clients and genuinely understand them


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